Sunday, June 21, 2009

Creole Assoicated with Voodoo? I have the perfect "SPELLS" for you!

Woah, I was wondering when this subject would come up. And to my suprise you posted it...Every now and then i'll play around and say.."i'm creole, if you mess with me i'll curse you"..but my mom use to tell me when I was little that when people hear the word creole they automatically think of voodoo and etc..When I was doing a presentation in class about my creole culture someone asked me if I knew how to do voodoo. And the teacher told me not to answer. But I have people in my family who were psychic's and prophetess. There was an old saying that creoles have the gift of sight. When I was younger I use to research witchcraft even tried to do a couple of spells..For some reason I felt like it was a part of me..I always liked dark things, gothic scary know what i'm saying because me and you talked about our likes in vampiers and etc..I heard someone mention that katrina hit Louisiana was to get rid of the voodoo house's.(I just heard it, doesn't mean it's true) I know I got off subject lol. But believe it or not..Voodoo has a place in the creole culture.
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