Saturday, June 13, 2009


I am aware that there are "freebie abusers" everywhere and on every website. Lately I have had alot of clients and clients I don't remember calling me and only using the free minutes provided and not actually paying for a call. I absoulutely hate this because I use all of my energy trying too connect quickly and help this person...only too not get paid. LOL! I have not learned how too control this yet but is it possible that clients can pass on free minutes too people who have not called in before? Or have not talked to that specific advisor before? "Freebie Abusers can look like anyone or anybody! Most I hear, happen too be teens! LOL!

(picture of a freebie teen asking for a reading about her love life, I have permission too use this photo). Haaaaa
Please call me at 1-800-ASK-KEEN extension 03259785

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Anonymous said...

how do i get a free reading from you if you want me to call the keen numberr i cant b/c i have an account with them and it will charge it to my account